Our goal is to treat patients to the highest standards using proven methods and materials.  We work hard to achieve a stable, healthy, and beautiful result.  We follow this up with careful long-term protection of the new smile using quality retainers.

            Teeth are aligned using wires that fit into slots in the brackets that are attached to each tooth.  Wires are available now that are significantly more gentle than those available in the past.  In addition, Dr. Goodwin chose long ago to use the smaller of the two slot sizes available allowing the use of lighter, gentler wires with more precision.

            There have been many innovations that have greatly benefited patients.  Examples include Class II springs (Forsus is the brand favored by Dr. Goodwin) which allow us to avoid headgear in many of the patients who used to need it.  Temporary implants can be used in certain circumstances to achieve improvements that were not possible only a few years ago. 

            If you imagine what it is like to be a dentist, orthodontists are the ones who have the most fun and we hope you will see that reflected in our office.